Web3 and AI Hackathon 2024

Welcome to the Web3 & AI Innovations Hackathon 2024 powered by BizThon!  

This 6-week virtual hackathon, starting on July 1st, 2024, is designed to bring together developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts from around the world to create groundbreaking solutions using Web3 and AI technologies. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and showcase their innovative projects.

Upto $25,000 in awards and rewards
Hybrid (Stage 1 & 2: Online, Stage 3: Offline)
Starts 26th June

Upto $25,000

in awards and rewards

/ / Hackathon Tracks and Example Projects

Track Description Projects References
AI-Enhanced DeFi Solutions Leverage AI to optimize decentralized finance applications. Predictive Lending Platforms Automated Trading Bots Fraud Detection Systems
AI-Powered NFT Marketplaces Integrate AI to enhance the functionality and user experience of NFT marketplaces.
  • AI Art Generators
  • Personalized NFT Recommendations
  • Intelligent Pricing Models
Decentralized AI Governance Systems Build decentralized governance systems powered by AI for decision-making and resource allocation.
  • AI-Driven Voting Mechanisms
  • Resource Allocation Algorithms
  • Sentiment Analysis Tools
Blockchain-Based AI Data Marketplaces Create secure, decentralized marketplaces for AI data using blockchain technology.
  • Data Sharing Platforms
  • Data Privacy Solutions
  • Smart Contract-Based Payments
AI-Driven Supply Chain Management Utilize AI and blockchain to enhance supply chain transparency and efficiency.
  • Predictive Analytics for Supply Chain
  • Blockchain for Traceability
  • Smart Contracts for Automation

/ / Additional and Exciting Support from Our Partner Companies 

  • Incubation: Get your project incubated by top industry experts and receive mentorship, resources, and guidance to take your project to the next level.
  • Market Making: Access market-making services to ensure liquidity and stability for your project's token.
  • Free Launch: Launch your project on a major platform without any listing fees, gaining immediate visibility and traction.

/ / Special Opportunity

Pitch Your Project to VCs and Investors: The top projects will have the exclusive opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of leading venture capitalists and investors, potentially securing funding and strategic partnerships.

/ / Judging criteria 

  • Innovation: The uniqueness and originality of the project idea.
  • Impact: The potential of the project to solve real-world problems and create positive social or economic impact.
  • Technical Implementation: The technical complexity and quality of the implementation.
  • Integration of Web3 & AI: How effectively Web3 and AI technologies are integrated and utilized within the project.
  • User Experience: The design, usability, and overall user experience of the application.
  • Presentation and Pitch: The clarity, coherence, and persuasiveness of the project presentation and pitch.


Stage 01

Idea Submission

26th June - 31st July' 24

Stage 02

MVP Submission

1st Aug - 15th Aug'24

Stage 03

Final Presentation

To be decided