About Us

One for All, All for One

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Then try to be a part of Bizthon. Bizthon is a business referral group or community. Business referral groups, also called business referral networks or leads clubs, are networking organizations with a difference. They’re all about giving and getting referrals. For business owners who want to get fast results, a business referral group can offer a proven way of expanding your customer base.

If Bizthon is the kind of community you would like to be part of, we encourage you to visit our meeting. After visiting & if you wish to join, you may submit an application. We will review your application, gather additional information as necessary, and invite you to give a 2-minute presentation on why you would like to join Bizthon, how the Bizthon could benefit you, and how you can help other members as well.

Bizthon helps members to be more successful by working together under following core principle.

“One for All, All for One”: It is the core value of Bizthon. We believe in a Win-Win business strategy, If you promote and support to other’s to grow their business, they will also promote you.

Commitment: Members must commit to attending all meetings and arriving promptly. Limit the number of absences a member can have without being removed from the group. (For instance, you might be limited to one absence a quarter.) Because we have weekly meetings, this is a major commitment—one that’s intended to ensure only serious business owners are accepted into the group. For the same reason, members must also be working full-time in their businesses or professions.

Exclusivity: Bizthon restricts membership to one person from each profession, specialty or industry. This prevents members from competing against each other for business. For example, if you own a dental practice, you can’t join a Bizthon’s chapter that already has a dentist. Each Chapter determines what constitutes a conflict of interest. For instance, an attorney specializing in personal injury law and an attorney specializing in estate planning may not feel they are competitive with each other, so both could be in the group.

Results Oriented: Bizthon follow a highly-structured agenda to maximize results from each meeting. we also typically have quotas for members to give referrals; this ensures all members get something out of the organization. For example, Bizthon requires passing on an average of one qualified referral each week, or doing business with another member each week.

Business: We give leads for prospective customers to each other in order to provide high quality products and services to people we know and to help fellow members generate more business. We openly share ideas to help each other. We offer support so that we may be more successful.

Democracy: We work with each other, our customers and prospects with a sense of fairness consistent with our nation’s principles. Similarly, our organization operates through a system of representation where members vote on prospective new members and elect a board to resolve membership concerns. Finally, members have the opportunity to communicate with other members on important matters.

Community: We believe that mutual respect is essential for people to live and work together in the community. We strive to share with each other and promote a strong sense of optimism with each other and the customers we serve. Through our commitment to the community, we strive to achieve the ideal of true friendship among our members.