We are a group of dedicated like mind business professionals who have agreed to work together. We are a highly energetic people, work hard to support and help each other’s businesses grow for our mutual benefit. We have to build each others’ business through word of mouth marketing & refer quality leads that really works. We also strive to build friendships and solid business relationships that will continue into the future. Not to mention, we are a lot of fun!

One for All, All for One

Bizthon core philosophy is “One for All, All for One”. We work for each other’s businesses, generate & forward leads of prospective customers to each other in order to provide high quality products and services to people we know and to help fellow members generate more business. We openly share ideas to help each other. We offer support so that we may be more successful.


We work with each other, our customers and prospects with a sense of fairness consistent with our nation’s principles. Similarly, our organization operates through a system of representation where members vote on prospective new members and elect a board to resolve membership concerns. Finally, members have the opportunity to communicate with other members on important matters.


Members must commit to attending all meetings and arriving promptly. Limit the number of absences a member can have without being removed from the group. (For instance, you might be limited to one absence a quarter.) Because we have weekly meetings, this is a major commitment—one that’s intended to ensure only serious business owners are accepted into the group. For the same reason, members must also be working full-time in their businesses or professions.


Bizthon restricts membership to one person from each profession, specialty or industry. This prevents members from competing against each other for business. For example, if you own a dental practice, you can’t join a Bizthon’s chapter that already has a dentist. Each Chapter determines what constitutes a conflict of interest. For instance, an attorney specializing in personal injury law and an attorney specializing in estate planning may not feel they are competitive with each other, so both could be in the group.